Watershed Crest Trail

This developing trail is located between the City of Sandpoint and Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. The Watershed Crest Trail is proposed as a 30 mile hiking and single track loop, with multiple connections to Schweitzer Mountain Resorts MTB trails. Construction has begun already and is primarily being performed by the Pend Oreille Pedalers

This trail runs through a mix of city, state, federal, and private lands. These cooperative partners seek to preserve public access, maintain trails, healthy forests, wildlife habitat and water quality on these open lands. Significant Portions of WCT travel through the City watershed. Please respect our water quality and stay on the trail.


All stakeholders are being contacted.  Those contacted at the City, State, BLM, USFS, SMR and SRD are all in support of the project.  Stimson Lumber Company and TT LLC have also expressed interest.  The project could be completed with this participation alone, however getting others on board may make for a better trail and quicker completion.


To Donate/Volunteer or learn more contact Pend Oreille Pedalers